Why Clean Upholstery?
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Wednesday, March 21, 2018
By Hernandez Carpet Cleaning
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Just like everything else in your home, furniture deserves a scheduled cleaning. Can you imagine how many times a year we sit on our favorite sofa to watch a new season on Netflix? So why not clean it if we use it so much? If you're still not convinced, maybe these two will change your mind.


Which parent would lay their child to sleep in mold, fleas, and/or bacteria? Hopefully no one but that might be exactly what you're doing with dirty upholstery. Pathogens and dirt can build up to the point where they can cause health risks to your family. Also, the accumulation of bacteria can cause unpleasant odors.

Fresh Air

Just with one simple cleaning of your upholstery, the air quality of your home can change dramatically. Having a bad air quality in your home will eventually lead to respiratory complications. An upholstery cleaning can take care of mold, dust, mildew, and allergens... leaving your home with fresh air!

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