Benefits of Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning
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Monday, August 19, 2019
By Hernandez Carpet Cleaning
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1 – Having The Correct Equipment

Professionals have the right equipment to wash away tile and grout stains that would take you hours of scrubbing to somewhat remove. Also, they will not leave behind sticky residue from soapy cleaning solutions that attract more stains.


2 – Protects Tile And Grout From Future Stains

Grout is a porous material that soaks up liquid stains. That’s why it’s important to apply sealant, and reapply it as soon as it wears away.

Professionals can seal the grout for you, strengthening the barrier between your tile and grout and harmful bacteria, allergens, and stains.

3 – Avoid Back and Knee Pain

Tile and grout soaks up colored stains and bacteria like a sponge, making it very difficult to clean. It can be frustrating when hours of scrubbing doesn't give you the visible results you’re hoping for.

Instead of using your time and energy in exchange for results you won't be happy with, let professionals utilize their powerful equipment and expertise to remove stains and bacteria.


4 – Clean Tile = Healthier Home

Our homes are meant to be safe places, but often house the most harmful germs and allergens. These contaminants, especially built up in grout and tile, can put our families and pets at risk. 

The cleaning removes almost all of the bacteria while the newly applied sealant blocks out germs and helps the tile and grout to be more easily maintained in the future.

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